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Medical Treatments

As Registered Health Practitioners we are able to perform a variety of treatments to help with common health conditions,  such as Jaw Clenching/Teeth Grinding, Hyperhidrosis and Hay fever Relief. 

Anti Wrinkle isn't just for anti-aging. 

Jaw Clenching

Anti-wrinkle is injected into the masseter muscle located at the side of your face near the corner of your jaw and this causes that large muscle to become weak, resulting in the inability to clench/grind. Longevity – 4-12 months. No Downtime, minimal discomfort during treatment




Anti wrinkle is injected into the underarm area and the nerves in the are that are responsible for activating sweat glands are inhibited. This treatment is quick, mild discomfort and has no downtime. Patient satisfaction is high with this treatment and is perfect coming into summer months.



Hay Fever Relief

Needle free Relief. Hay fever symptoms can be heavily reduced with anti-wrinkle by spraying anti-wrinkle into the nostrils. It works by blocking the nerve endings in the nasal passage and this reduces symptoms and inflammation within. No pain, no downtime and lasts 3-4 months.




Anti-wrinkle treatment can also help to lessen the pain associated with migraines and headaches. This medical treatment was originally discovered due to people getting their usual anti-wrinkle treatments for aging purposes and then also reporting that their headaches were better.

The anti-wrinkle works by stopping the neurotransmitters that carry pain signals throughout the brain, so it acts as a roadblock. A lot of patients report improvements in pain just by having anti-wrinkle placed into the forehead and frown regions, however if more relief is needed, we will always advise the next steps and refer you on.


$275 - $400 

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