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Accor Plasma Pen

The newest addition to Skinsational Cosmetic Nursing is the Accor Plasma Pen, an effective alternative to skin tightening surgery.


Combining the best aspects of plasma and low frequency techniques, the pen creates an ionised electric arc to vaporise the skin which causes a tightening of the surrounding area. This causes inflammation which further assists with the tightening process. 

Lifting and tightening is often visible immediately after treatment but true results will be seen in 4 months. Once the desired results are achieved, the treatment can last 3-5 years.

If you have any questions about this treatment or would like to book in for a consultation, please contact us.


Frown Lines - $249

Crows Feet- $450
Lip Flip/Upper lip Lines - $399

Upper Eyelids - $780

Lower Eyelids - $680

NLF, Lip & Chin - $990

Jowl & Chin - $1100

Upper and Lower Eyelids- $1300 (Completed over 2 treatments)

Tragus, Jowl & Chin - $1490

Full Face soft Face Lift - $2990 (Completed over 2 treatments)


Frown Plasma & Antiwrinkle Treatment -$420 (Save $104)

Crows Feet Plasma & Antiwrinkle Treatment- $620 (Save $105)

Removal of Skin Tags:
Up to 3 -$89
3-10 - $195
Over 10- Price on consultation

(Price includes take home after care cream and Aspect Hydrating Face SPF 50+)